Previous Archaeological Excavations along the 'Ostlänken' Railway Corridor 1965-2012: Archaeological excavations in Björnviken 2:1

SND-ID: SND 2478

Creator/Principal investigator(s)

Swedish National Heritage Board, UV Öst


An archaeological investigation was performed in Björnviken 2:1, Kvillinge parish, Östergötland on June 4-5 in 1991 due to the planned exit from road E4 (Stockholm - Norrköping) to road 55 (Uppsala - Norrköping).

Björnviken 2:1 is situated approximately one kilometre west of Bråviken and situated north of RAÄ 109 (Högarnas gamla tomt) and RAÄ 7 (a burial site). On a map from 1697 an old road from Stockholm to Norrköping is marked within the area. After clearing the road several iron objects were found, for example horse shoe fragments.

The investigation confirms the previous assumption of an old road located in the field at Björnviken 2:1 (area 18).



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Research principal

Uppsala University

Commissioning organisation

Swedish Road Administration

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Middle ages – 17th century

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Geographic location: Kvillinge Parish

Geographic description: Björnviken 2:1

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HISTORY (CESSDA Topic Classification)
Archaeology (The Swedish standard of fields of research 2011)




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Archaeological assessment, Archaeological assessment

Archaeological excavations in Björnviken 2:1


The ZIP-file contains three shapefiles with information on trenches, ancient monuments, archaeological finds and other data from the archaeological survey, as well as one geo-referenced map (© Lantmäteriet i2014/00696) of the survey in GeoTIFF-format.

Version 1.0


Swedish National Heritage Board, UV Öst. Uppsala University (2020). Archaeological excavations in Björnviken 2:1. Swedish National Data Service. Version 1.0.

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Swedish National Heritage Board, UV Öst

Data collection 1

  • Mode of collection: Field observation
  • Time period(s) for data collection: 1991-05-04–1991-05-05
  • Data collector: Swedish National Heritage Board UV Mitt

Data collection 2

  • Mode of collection: Compilation/Synthesis
  • Time period(s) for data collection: 2014–2014
  • Data collector: Uppsala University, Department of Archaeology and Ancient History.

Type of archaeological remains

Route , Stone packning

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Rapport nr

UV Mitt 1992


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