Search research data in the catalogue

In the SND national research data catalogue you can search almost two thousand listed studies in a variety of disciplines. You can find anything from survey data to biological sample data, as well as study collections such as SHARE (Survey of Health Ageing and Retirement in Europe), the SOM surveys (Society, Opinion, Media), and VALU (Swedish exit poll surveys).

The SND catalogue contains descriptions of data that are accessible in the catalogue itself, as well as data accessible from another portal or party. Some data can be accessed via direct download, whereas others need to be ordered. However, all of the listed data can be used at no cost.

Using data via SND

When you use data which have been made accessible through SND, please remember:

1. All publications, regardless of type, that are in some way based on data should be given a reference to these data. The reference (or citation) shall contain a persistant identifier (e.g. a DOI), and a reference to the creator/principal investigator. Please report all publications to SND:

2. If you have ordered the data for a specifically stated purpose, only use the data for that purpose.

3. Always comply with current principles for ethics in research. SND refers to the “Good Research Practice” (2017) report from the Swedish Research Council.

4. Neither SND nor the research principal have any responsibility for how the data and related documentation are used, nor for any interpretations of or conclusions based on them.