Challenges for handling spatial data across disciplines - examples from different research fields

Webinar , Online
23 March, at 11:00–12:00

Spatial data is more and more available to all kinds of researchers and in society. At the same time Geographic Information System (GIS) software have become increasingly spread and easier to handle. Methods and data within one field can be useful in other disciplines. This makes it possible to answer new research questions and also requires us to think more carefully about the potential use of research data in various fields and across different disciplines.

The webinar will present some examples from Archaeology and Earth System Science. There will also be a presentation of results from a survey where researchers in Sweden, who work with spatial data in different disciplines, give us their view on data management, including how to make them available to others. The webinar is also open for more general questions of research data management – with a focus on spatial data.

The seminar is organized by the domain specialists at SND working at different universities:

Nicolò Dell'Unto, Department of Archaeology and Ancient History, Lund University
Ulf Jansson, Department of Human geography, Stockholm university
Anders Moberg, Department of Physical geography, Stockholm university


Presentations (c. 30 minutes)

  • Ulf Jansson: Introduction on spatial data and research. The availability of spatial data in a digital society. The opportunities and critical questions we face.
  • Nicolò Dell'Unto: New methods in GIS applied in Archeology. Visualization in 3D and presentation of available research data at The Lund University Digital Archaeology Laboratory.
  • Anders Moberg: Let the data tell a story! Visualization and curation of spatial data at the Bolin Centre Database – a resource for open access to Climate and Earth System Data.
  • Ulf Jansson: Presentation of a survey on researchers views on research data involving spatial information conducted by SND.

Questions (c. 30 minutes)

After the short presentations there will be a possibility for questions and discussions. The questions could be related to the presentations, more general for data handling, and more specific concerning the challenges for sharing spatial research data. Questions of interoperability, GIS-standards, file formats and the need for future development.

When: 23 March, at 11:00–12:00 CET

Where: The webinar is held online via Zoom. Participate via this link.

For questions, please contact Ulf Jansson at

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