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Collaboration portal

Collaboration Portal

From 2018 to 2022 SND will undergo major changes in order to improve access to Swedish research data. The organisation will develop, grow, and expand its activities.

As of January 2018 SND is governed by a consortium consisting of seven universities. In the new organisation, the network of consortium members and 23 other universities is central. Each university in the network will establish a local unit or function for managing research data (Data Access Units or DAUs).

The purpose of SND and the network is to provide a coordinated and secure system for describing, depositing, sharing, and finding data, nationally as well as internationally, to the Swedish research community. SND’s role will be to fulfil four main functions:

  • The Research Data Repository will receive deposits of research data and ensure that data are of a quality that ensures that they are as reusable as possible. The repository disseminates research data for new analyses and reviews of research findings.
  • The search portal, or Research Data Discovery Service, will consist of a search function and a metadata registry (metadata are used to describe data). The aim is to describe all Swedish research data, from an increasing number of disciplines, in a way that makes the data discoverable for a large number of users. The search portal will also verify that metadata adhere to recommended national and international standards.
  • The Knowledge Centre for Research Data will have a central responsibility to collect, compile, create, and disseminate knowledge about data management, preservation, accessibility, and re-use. An important part of the Knowledge Centre’s role is to provide support to and knowledge exchange with the DAU network.
  • The Research Data Collaborations Hub will focus on collaborations with and membership of relevant national and international organisations. Cooperation on different levels is essential to create best practices relating to, for instance, the management and dissemination of data. It will also guarantee good access to international data for researchers in Swedish universities, and make data from Swedish researchers visible internationally.

Contact information

For questions regarding the new organisation, please contact:

Deputy Director
Elisabeth Strandhagen
Telefon +46 (0)31-786 64 94

Max Petzold
Telefon +46 (0)703-86 70 77.

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