Working Groups

SND is working to develop a national infrastructure for research data. This large-scale project affects and involves the entire SND organisation and network. The work is, to a large degree, conducted in projects and working groups, where staff from the SND office collaborate with domain specialists in the consortium universities, and with staff from several of the HEIs in the SND network.


The DAU Council

The purpose of the DAU Council is to strengthen the collaboration within the SND consortium and to simultaneously be a link between the SND Steering Committee and the various national activities. The council has one member from each of the nine consortium universities: University of Gothenburg, Chalmers University of Technology, Karolinska Institutet, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Lund University, Stockholm University, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Umeå University, and Uppsala University. Elisabeth Strandhagen, deputy director and collaboration manager of the SND network, is head of the DAU Council work.

DAU Council members:
Elisabeth Strandhagen, SND office (convening)
Christer Lagvik, SND-UU
Linda Lindström, SND-KI
Hanna Lindroos, SND-SLU
Magnus Norberg, SND-GU
Maria Johnsson, SND-LU
Sabina Anderberg, SND-SU
Thomas Kieselbach, SND-UmU

DAU Establishment Group

This is an SND internal group which supports the network members during their DAU establishment process. Their work mainly consists in maintaining close contact between the SND office and the member institutions, and to create points of contact between the member institutions. Each network member has a contact person in the SND office.

The SND Teaching and Training Resource Group (SKUR)

The SND Teaching and Training Resource Group develops various training materials that can be used by DAU and SND staff. One type of material is presentations of the SND operations or about central issues in research data and data management. Another type of material is ideas and material that can be used for parts of, or entire, workshops and training seminars. The group is also involved in updating and developing resources for the SND website. The goal is to make all of the material produced by the group accessible under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license, which allows users to use the material as freely as possible.

The DAU Handbook Group

The DAU Handbook Group has two main tasks: to create and, as needed, update a requirements specification (Version 2, in Swedish) and a DAU Handbook. The requirements specification is a document that outlines the requirements for data and metadata that are to be made accessible in the SND research data catalogue, and the handbook is a support resource in the quality control process. These controls fulfil the requirements on quality in the specification, and also partly fulfil the FAIR data principles. The group consists of members from the SND office as well as from the DAU.


DORIS is a multiannual development project for a comprehensive system where researchers can publish their research data and make them accessible. The objective is to create a tool that can be used throughout the entire research data management process; from data description and uploading of research data, to ordering data for reuse or review. The DORIS work is headed by an SND internal project group. They also have three reference groups: the SND data coordination forum, a group of DAU representatives, and a group of researchers and domain specialists.

Contact information

For questions regarding the the DAU Council and establishment of local Data Access Units, please contact:
Deputy Director & Collaboration Manager
Elisabeth Strandhagen
+46 (0)31-786 64 94

For questions regarding the work in SKUR, please contact:
Coordinator of teaching and training
Stefan Ekman
+46 (0)31–786 45 42

For questions regarding the DAU Handbook, please contact:
Research Data Advisor
Linda Härdelin

For questions regarding DORIS, please contact:
Research Data Advisor
Sara Svensson
+46 (0)31-786 12 11

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