Working Groups

In 2018 and 2019, a major part of the work involved in changing and expanding SND’s operations will take place as part of the two projects "SKONA" (SND’s activities concerning the consortium and networks) and "My SND" (Mitt SND).

The objective of the SKONA project is to create an effective network for the parties involved in the collaboration. This will be achieved by establishing routines and practical solutions for education and communication, and to develop best practices, support, and guidelines for the practical work with research data in the SND network higher education institutions and public research institutes, as well as in SND.
During the project, several working groups with participants from SND and the network members will be formed. Some of the activities in these groups will be communicated on SND’s website. Initially there will be groups working with the establishment of DAU functions, developing a DAU handbook, and communication.

The ”Mitt SND” project will develop a portal that gives login access to SND’s services for DAU members, researchers, and other stakeholders.


DAU Establishment Group
This group will support the higher learning institutions and public research institutes in the SND network in establishing their DAU functions. This will mainly be a matter of setting up a contact between SND and the network member in question, but also contacts between members. Each network member will have the option of having a contact at SND. This is an SND internal group.
Contact: Elisabeth Strandhagen,, +46 (0)31-786 64 94.

Handbook Group
The Handbook Group has two main tasks: to create and, as needed, update a requirements specification and a handbook. The requirements specification is a document that details the requirements on metadata and data that are to be published in SND’s research data portal. Metadata and data publication will include a quality assessment of submitted data and metadata, and the handbook will provide help in the quality assurance process. These controls correspond to the quality requirements in the requirements specification, and will partly meet the FAIR guidelines. The group consists of the following people:

Carola Tilgman Lund University
Gustaf Sjöstedt Chalmers University of Technology
Joakim Philipson Stockholm University
Lina Andrén Mälardalen University
Mikaela Asplund Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Jeremy Azzopardi (convening) SND
Dimitar Popovski SND
Eira Brandby SND


Communications Group
One of the responsibilities of the communications group will be to identify the information needed to build the roles of domain specialist and DAU. The group will specify the communication channels and tools to be used in the exchange of experiences and knowledge within SND as well as between SND and the DAUs. The following people make up the Communications Group:                       

Sabina Anderberg Stockholm University
Maria Johnsson Lund University
Hanna Lindroos Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Gustav Nilsonne Karolinska Institutet
Margareta Åkesson University West
Matilda Lindmark SND
Helena Rohdén (convening) SND
Elisabeth Strandhagen SND


Initially, this is an internal project with a working group consisting of the IT team and a number of representatives from other groups in SND-GU. External members will be recruited this autumn.
The first phase of the project entails the possibility to login in order to upload data and/or metadata in the SND catalogue, and to edit the uploaded catalogue entries.
Contact: Johan Fihn Marberg,

Contact information

For questions regarding the establishment of local Data Access Units, please contact:

Deputy Director & Collaboration Manager
Elisabeth Strandhagen
Phone: +46 (0)31-786 64 94

For questions regarding the Handbook Group, please contact:
Data Manager
Jeremy Azzopardi
Phone: +46 (0)31-786 37 02

For questions regarding the Communications Group, please contact:
Communications Officer
Helena Rohdén
Phone: +46 (0)31-786 12 01

For questions regarding "My SND", please contact:
IT team leader
Johan Fihn Marberg
Phone: +46 (0)31-786 12 52

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