Data Management

Data management is a method used to handle, organise, structure and store research data throughout the research process. The support and service that SND gives to researchers involves questions of data documentation, access to different types of data and information on secondary data analysis. This may also involve SND helping the researcher with legal and ethical aspects when archiving, managing and disseminating data.

Data i forskningsprocessen

Data management resources

A collection of resources in English that can help you learn about how to manage your data in the best way.

Register based research

Register based research

Information about the possibilities of register based research, our online community within register based research.

Juridiskt regelverk

Legal questions

Here you can send in questions to SND's
lawyer regarding the legal aspects of data management and research data.

Journals and access to data

Journals and access to data

Links to information about the demands for access to research data that is starting to emerge from scientific journals and others.

Questions concerning data management?

Contact our Research Data Consulting group.

Find them here.