Data management resources

Data management is a method used to handle, organise, structure and store research data throughout the research process. A good data management strategy takes into account technical, organisational, structural, legislative and sustainability aspects. It helps researchers to keep the data collected and/or used within their project tidy, usable and safe, while at the same time ensuring their longevity.

SND’s data management pages are in Swedish only and this is for a good reason: There is a wealth of high-quality data management literature in English, both published and online. For your convenience, we have collected a selection of links to what we think are good resources for anybody wanting to learn more about data management.

Checklist for a Data Management Plan, SND
The checklist includes elements related to data management that might be relevant to include in a DMP. The checklist is a translation of the SND's checklist in Swedish, which contains more extensive information for each element.
Checklist for a Data Management Plan

Checklist for a Data Management Plan, DCC
The checklist presents the main questions or themes that researchers may want to cover when writing a DMP.

DMPonline is the DCC’s online tool for creating data management plans (DMPs). The tool comes with a set of templates that follow the varying requirements of British research funders, but will be useful for anybody wanting to create a DMP without funder-specific requirements.

Data Preparation Guide, ICPSR (Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research)
The Guide to Social Science Data Preparation and Archiving is aimed at those engaged in the cycle of research, from applying for a research grant, through the data collection phase, and ultimately to preparation of the data for deposit in a public archive. The Guide is a compilation of best practices gleaned from the experience of many archivists and investigators.

University of Bristol Research Data Bootcamp
Brief introduction to research data management (approx. 30 minutes).

The Digital Curation Centre’s (DCC) Curation Reference Manual
A very extensive manual of data curation which, however, is still in the making.

Managing and Sharing Data
The UK Data Archive’s best practice document for researchers.

The university of Edinburgh’s Research Data Management Training is a free online course that covers the essentials of research data management. Includes a number of exercises as well as data management tutorials for SPSS, R, ArcGIS and Nvivo.

Sustainability of Digital Formats
This extensive website is hosted by the US Library of Congress and holds a wealth of information on digital file formats of many kinds. Includes  descriptions of not only formats but also their sub-types, including sustainability, quality and functionality factors as well as file type signifiers. There are also links to format specifications and documentation and to other useful reference material.