Application for a travel scholarship to the 2020 ICPSR Summer Program

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SND’s travel scholarships to the ICPSR Summer Program can be applied to by doctoral students or postdoctoral researchers. The application has to be sent to SND no later than Friday, 20 March, 2020.

The travel scholarship is awarded to five–ten doctoral students or postdoctoral researchers to participate in the ICPSR Summer Program. The scholarship is intended to cover travel and accommodation expenses for a four- or eight-week course session. Awardees will also have their course fees covered by SND. 

The course fee for Program Scholars is $2,600 for one session (four weeks), or $3,800 for both sessions (eight weeks). This fee is paid directly to the summer program on behalf of the awardees. Other participants who are not awarded a scholarship but still want to attend the summer school and arrange funding by other means, must pay their course fees at registration. Note that the fees rise for registrations made and paid after 30 April.
On the application form, applicants need to stipulate which courses and workshops they want to participate in. For information about the courses available, please see the ICPSR website.
Just like previous years, the applications from doctoral students need to include a letter of recommendation from the applicant’s supervisor. The recommendation can be written as the supervisor sees fit, but should include that they are informed of the applicants’ intentions and that the application has been made in consultation with the supervisor.  
Applications should also include an A4 page size letter in English, which addresses the applicant’s qualifications and how they can be used to ensure a successful participation in the courses. The purpose of this letter is to present an overview of the applicant’s qualifications and abilities. Doctoral students should also detail whether they have a dissertation plan, and the content of this plan, especially to which extent it includes quantitative methods. Applicants also need to state whether they have previously participated in the summer program.
In association with registration in Ann Arbor, participants will receive guidance with respect to their selection of courses in the application. It is therefore recommended to note which academic courses the applicant has completed, especially courses in quantitative methods. This will enable them to choose suitable courses at the correct level.


An application for participation in the ICPSR Summer Program can be written in two ways, depending on whether the applicant has received their doctoral degree or not.
A.  Doctoral students must include three documents:
1.  Completed travel scholarship application
2.  Letter of recommendation from their supervisor
3.  An A4 size page in English about their qualifications
B. Postdoctoral researchers must include two documents:
1.  Completed travel scholarship application
2.  An A4 size page in English about their qualifications

Address and application deadline:

Deadline for application is Friday 20 March, 2020.

Application forms shall be sent to:
PO Box 463
SE-405 30 Gothenburg
You should also send an e-mail to to inform us that your application and original documents have been sent.