Accessibility levels at SND

Data described in SND's research data portal have different accessibility levels. These levels have two parts: where the data can be found and how accessible the data are. The accessibility level is determined by the data depositor; if needed, this can be done after discussion with SND or the university’s research support unit (e.g. DAU).


The first part of the accessibility level describes where the data can be found; via SND or via an external data portal/website.

Access to data through SND
Data can be accessed through SND’s research data portal.

Access to data through an external actor
Data can be accessed through another actor than SND. SND’s catalogue contains information on the accessibility level of the data with the external actor as well as a direct referral to the location of the data.


The second part shows how accessible the data are; if they are accessible by direct download or order, and if there are restrictions on the data.

Data are freely accessible
Data are freely accessible via direct download from the web page.

Data are accessible by order
Data are freely accessible by order or login.

Access to data is restricted
Access to data is restricted. This may be due to data containing personal data or other sensitive information. Permission from the data owner may be necessary before data can be accessed.