Deposit data descriptions and research data

Research data represent a major investment that may benefit other scholars than the original creator. And the better documented they are, the more value they will have. At SND you can make your data visible free of charge by describing them and, if you wish, submitting them for download or dissemination, and long-term preservation. SND is a trusted digital repository, certified against the CoreTrustSeal.




This is where you fill in the form to describe or deposit data with SND. You can start working, save, and come back later.

Villkor och avtal

Deposit agreement

On this page you find more on what kinds of data SND accepts, along with our agreement in Swedish, and an explanation in English.

Så går det till

How it works

Describing research material is easy and, as a researcher, you have control over the whole process.

Accessibility levels

Accessibility levels

A presentation of the different levels of accessibility that data deposited and described at SND can have.


Is there a fee for depositing data?
No, it is completely free of charge.

Does SND assume ownership of deposited data?
No, SND only accepts copies of the data while the principal (huvudman) retains full ownership.

Who can submit data to SND?
Data can be submitted to SND by anyone who represents a research principal, i.e. a governmental authority or a natural or legal person responsible for the research conducted in their remit.

How is data material ordered from SND used?
Research data in SND’s catalogue are often re-used for further research or for teaching purposes, e.g. in student essays or theses on bachelor or master level.