How it works

Do you want to make your research data accessible via SND? On these pages you'll read more about the process – from data description to catalogue entry.

Research data that are described and disseminated via SND become findable in the SND national research data catalogue. The tool we use to register and upload data and metadata to the catalogue is the SND documentation system DORIS. DORIS enables you to manage and create new data descriptions in a web form. This form is based on international metadata standards, which means that the information about the data material becomes structured and findable. In order to start using DORIS, you need to log in to My Pages on the SND website. The first time you log in, a personal account will automatically be created for you. If you are employed by a Swedish higher education institution we recommend that you use your SWAMID account.

Work process: Data and metadata in, Processing, Data and metadata out

There are two routes for data descriptions and data which are uploaded in DORIS: they can come directly to the SND main office, or to a research data support unit in the researcher’s HEI or research institution. Swedish HEIs have made different progress in establishing local data support units, and the system will tell if you are affiliated with an HEI with an active unit. If your institution doesn’t have an active data support unit yet, your data description will be reviewed in the SND office and we will contact you if we need more information. Uploaded research data are issued a DOI and become accessible by direct download or order from the research data catalogue.

The information you enter in the data description form becomes visible as a catalogue entry. If you need to update or edit your post, you can do so in DORIS. You can also add new data versions or more documentation. If you later want to unpublish the catalogue entry, you can do that too in DORIS.

At present, you can only make anonymous (de-identified) data accessible via DORIS, unless the research principal is the University of Gothenburg. As universities and research institutions connect their own data storage solutions to DORIS, this limitation will gradually not apply for their locally stored data. When this feature is in place, the system will automatically detect which options are available for you.

Click on the headings in the menu list if you want to learn more about how to describe and upload data and metadata, what happens to the information you submit to the form in DORIS, and how data are disseminated. You can also read more about SND and the new operative model with local research data support units here.