Data and metadata in

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What can be submitted?


  • Research data, i.e. data on which scientific analysis in any research area is based.
  • SND recommends a number of different file formats that are appropriate for reuse and long-term storage. However, the basic requirement is that the material can be extracted in a usable condition. Contact your local research support unit or SND if you have any questions about file formats. You always submit a copy of the original material.
  • SND only accepts fully anonymised data. Data is considered fully anonymised only when all code ‘keys’ connected to the data have been destroyed, including those held by the principal investigator(s).

Metadata and other documentation:

  • If your research data is available elsewhere, you can still describe it at SND so that it becomes visible and searchable in the national metadata catalogue. The catalogue record will specify where and how the actual data is available. The form allows you to specify, amongst other things, whether the data has a Persistent Identifier (PID), if it is covered by a specific license, and which access terms apply.
  • A structured description of the research material can be entered via the form.
  • In addition to the metadata specified in the form, other documentation may be attached, such as questionnaires, variable lists, study design, methodological descriptions, reports, etc.

Who can submit data?

SND accepts data from those representing a research ‘principal’, i.e. a governmental authority or a natural or legal person (such as a university or county council) responsible for the research conducted within their remit. The ‘principal’ always has the ultimate responsibility for the research.

As you only submit a copy of the data to SND, the original, along with ownership and archive responsibility, remains with the ‘principal’. Therefore, data held at SND is not deemed to be ‘official documents’ (in Swedish, ‘allmänna handlingar’), as SND only performs technical processing and storage on behalf of the ‘principal’.

Description, documentation and depositing

The first step towards publishing data or data descriptions via SND is to fill out our form. This is where you enter contact information, keywords, method of collection, and a short study description, as well as decide which access level it will have at SND. Other relevant information, such as project description, codebooks, and publications related to the data material can also be uploaded via the form.

You then choose if only the data description will be sent to SND, or whether you will submit the actual data files. If so, upload them and submit them via the form. If they are too large to upload, or if they contain sensitive data, contact our employees to find a more suitable way to submit them.

When you deposit data, you will be asked to fill in and sign a deposit agreement, as a representative of the research ‘principal’. This agreement governs how your data are managed, displayed and communicated, and enables you to specify any restrictions on reuse.

When you submit the form, you will receive an automatic confirmation by email. After this, the description is prepared for publication in our web catalogue, and one of our employees will contact you for further information, clarifications and approval.