ECDS - Environment Climate Data Sweden

Why can't you see me? By henrikj

Environment Climate Data Sweden, ECDS, is a Swedish infrastructure project whose mission is to improve access to environmental and climate research data. The infrastructure was established in 2009 by the Swedish Research Council (VR) and was run by the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) until 2016. Since June 2016 it has been run by the Swedish National Data Service (SND).  ECDS is a regular member of the International Council for Science's World Data Systems (ICSU-WDS), which strengthens its role as a data service provider.

ECDS is tasked with making environmental and climate research data findable and accessible. The ECDS portal has entries for more than 1000 datasets from 34 groups and organizations. The ECDS portal search function allows freetext searches, and filtering using a number of parameters: location, organisation/group, keywords, file formats, and type of licence.

Researchers and organisations can support the principles of Open Data – and increase the visibility of their research – by describing their own data in ECDS. This is a short process: go to, create a user account, describe the dataset by filling-in a web-form, and either upload the data or provide a link to an external resource.

Image: 'Why can't you see me?' By henrikj