CORS (Comparative Research Center Sweden)

CORS (Comparative Research Center Sweden) is a consortium between the largest, most influential and qualitatively best survey programs in Sweden. The purpose of CORS is to provide the scientific society with data that will help researchers tackle contemporary research issues and major societal challenges like migration, the aging population, well-being and social exclusion. The included survey programs have in common that they all collect and distribute high quality data on social attitudes, behavior, and health issues over time based on Swedish population. Together, they will form the foundation for the production of a database platform that has the capacity to be an important tool for decision making and democratic debate.

The consortium includes; ESS (European Social Survey Programme); ISSP (International Social Survey Programme); SHARE (The Survey of Health, Aging and Retirement in Europe); LNU (Levnadsnivåundersökningen); SNES (Swedish National Election Studies) and SOM institute (Samhälle, Opinion, Medier). This also includes LORE (Laboratory of Opinion Research). LORE is an organization within the University of Gothenburg devoted to conduct data collection through web questionnaires. LORE aims to be a one-stop service organization for researchers, providing qualified consultation on web-based research and instrumental design as well as data collection and data processing.

Current studies in CORS (Comparative Research Center Sweden)


Contact, CORS:
Mikael Hjerm, Professor at Department of Sociology, Umeå University.

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