The SOM Surveys among the most popular

(Published 2012-04-05)
Recently, SND made ​​National SOM, Western SOM and Student SOM from 2010 available. Thus, it is possible for researchers, students and others to investigate the Swedish public's habits and attitudes considering society, politics and media.

The SOM surveys are the most requested studies from SND. In 2011, SND distributed SOM data at 568 times, primarily to researchers and students.

A good way to get familiar with the studies is to go to  SND's website and search the directory or the question bank. Then it is easy to order the SOM surveys you are particularly interested in. Michelle Coldrey is service coordinator at SND and has the contacts with those who order data.

- Many of those are students who write essays. Often, they know which data they want and what kind of questions they are interested in. Among other things, it can concern people's political opinions. The other week I received orders involving taxes and public transport, says Michelle.

Since last year, all SOM survey data are distributed by SND. This has meant that the number of inquiries has increased substantially compared to previous years.

- We have really good relations with the SOM Institute. Their director, Henrik Ekengren Oscarsson, is quick to respond, so in most cases the clients rapidly get the data sets they want, says Michelle Coldrey.

Together with the SOM Institute, SND started a project to translate the SOM surveys into English so that data to a greater extent will be available to researchers and students outside the Nordic region. When the English material will be launched has not yet been decided.

About the SOM surveys

Since 1986, the SOM Institute has conducted surveys of the Swedish population's attitudes and habits regarding politics, media and society. Using data from the studies, annual trend analyses of issues such as confidence in various social institutions and professional groups, Internet use, energy, environment, employment, lifestyle and values are performed.

The yearly SOM surveys are conducted at the national level (National SOM) and the regional level (Western SOM). In addition to this, SOM regularly conducts a number of special studies focusing on different themes, such as attitudes among young people or public opinion concerning working life and working conditions.

For the SOM Institute, it is important that the surveys rapidly become available for research and that the results of the studies reach as many people as possible. These objectives are met through the cooperation with SND and through publications and presentations from the SOM Institute.

For more information about the surveys, see the SOM Institute website.