On this page you will find all of the collections in the SND registry. The list is arranged by subject, and will be updated and expanded as more collections are added. Click on a collection to find more information about the studies and data in it. 

A collection consists of several studies or data descriptions that are somehow connected. It can be a longer research series (such as the National SOM Survey), a research infrastructure (such as NEAR – National E-infrastructure for Aging Research in Sweden), or studies made during the same research expedition (such as Arctic Ocean 2016).

You can also find two special collections: Swedish Party Programmes and Election Manifestos and The Swedish Gallup Archive1942–1956. These special collections contain large amounts of material and thus have separate search functions.

Special Collections

Swedish Party Programmes
and Election Manifestos

The foundation to the collection of Swedish party programmes and election manifestos comes from the project Vi vill…! Hundra år av partipolitiska viljeyttringar (We want…! A hundred years of political party declarations). The project was conducted by the predecessor of SND, Svensk samhällsvetenskaplig datatjänst (SSD), during 2000–2002, and funded by a Riksbankens Jubileumsfond Infrastructure for Research grant.

The Swedish Gallup Archive

Another collection that was donated to SSD in the 1980s is the Swedish Gallup Institute’s surveys from 1942–1956. The material was made accessible as part of the project "Vad tyckte de i folkhemmet? – digitalisering och tillgängliggörande av Svenska Gallups undersökningar 1942–1956” (What did they think in the Swedish ”people’s home”? – making the Gallup surveys 1942–1956 digitised and accessible), carried out at SND 2012–2013. The scans were made by the Digital Services department in the Gothenburg University Library.

Our special collections are the result of projects to digitise materials that are deemed of interest for research. These projects have been made possible through external funding.