Results from the questionnaire study on Open Access

During the spring 2009, two questionnaire studies directed to research students and professors within the humanities and social sciences were undertaken. The purpose of these studies was to gain a greater insight in the respondants attitudes on the reusage of digital research data, measures needed to increase reusage and barriers of sharing their research data with other researchers. Below are the preliminary results in table format and figures as well as a conference paper that was presented at the international IASSIST/IFDO* 2009 conference, the Mobile data and life cycle in Tampere, Finland, May 26-29, 2009. * IASSIST, the International Association of Social Science Information Service & Technology, and IFDO, the International Federation of Data Organizations for the Social Science. Overview of the results from the questionnaire to professors (available only in Swedish) Overview of the results from the questionnaire to research students (available only in Swedish) Conference paper