Checklist for data management plan

Checklist front pageIf you want guidance in how to create a data management plan, you can use the SND DMP checklist. With the help of this document, you may be able to identify which parts of data management are relevant for your specific research project, and the checklist is localised and adapted to the Swedish research context and legislation.

Download in .pdf format:
Checklista för datahanteringsplan (Swedish)
Checklist for Data Management Plan (English)

You can also download the checklist in an editable text format (.docx and .rtf).

The SND DMP checklist is designed so that it can be used as a complete and comprehensive plan for an entire research project. It can be used for different research areas, data types, phases of the research process, requirements from funding bodies, as well as various legal requirements. If you create a tentative data management plan for a grants application to an external party, much of the information you entered will reappear in other places in the application, and will not have to be entered again. A funder may have specific requirements for what information should be entered in a DMP, and a limit for how long it may be.

It may seem like writing this document will be very time-consuming, but a well-considered plan for data management will save plenty of time and resources during the course of the project. For many projects, a DMP can help to structure information that already exists, but that is spread across several people and documents.

The SND data management plan checklist builds on online DMP tools and checklists created by prominent parties in the field of research data management: UKDA (UK Data Archive) and DCC (Digital Curation Centre) in Great Britain, ICPSR (Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research) in Michigan, USA, and others. It has also been adapted to the requirements for data management plans in Horizon 2020.


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