Access Is Provided to Extensive Archaeological GIS Material

News: 2014-09-22

In August SND published the first of 165 studies containing GIS data from archaeological surveys and excavations within the approved corridor for the double track railway Ostlänken, which will run through Östergötland, Södermanland and Stockholm Counties.

The material has been compiled at Uppsala University under the management of Dr. Daniel Löwenborg.

The compilation has resulted in a set of GIS layers, derived from archaeological reports and available digital databases. The data cover the period 1965-2012 and therefore comprise both previously analog documentation, e.g. excavation and trench plans, which have been digitized and geo-referenced, but also originally digital documentation that was born digital but has been harmonized to create a clear metadata structure.

Thus, archival material and other data that have hitherto been difficult to access have now been made ​​accessible for new analyses and overviews. The data cover more than 260,000 square meters and supplement the archaeological GIS data previously made ​​available by the SND in collaboration with Ph. D Löwenborg.
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During the autumn, SND will publish the remaining data from the compilation. The data sets that have so far been provided access to can be downloaded directly via the SND web directory.

By: Karolina Kegel, SND

Figure: Digitized plan and GIS layers from SND Study 2363.