Additions to survey about traffic and safety

News: 2014-01-30

In the course of last fall the Swedish Transport Administration has provided SND with another six studies about traffic and safety. They add to the already unique time series that has been measuring attitudes and behaviour in traffic and safety.

SND now hosts 31 studies belonging to the Road Safety Survey covering the years 1981–2012. This makes it the longest series in our collection.

Last summer the Road Safety Survey was data of the month at SND. The Road Safety Survey 1981–2012 is a unique time series that has measured the population’s attitudes and behaviours in traffic and safety since the beginning of the 1980s.

Last fall the Swedish Transport Administration handed over another six studies for the years 2007–2012. These have been documented in SND’s system and are now available in the web catalogue. It is possible to order and get access to the data.

Along with the documentation of the new studies SND and the Swedish Transport Administration have renewed the contract and the Road Safety Survey is now freely available via ordering, promising a swift delivery of the data.


Photo: University of Gothenburg

Road Safety Survey 2007 – SND 0920

Road Safety Survey 2008 – SND 0930

Road Safety Survey 2009 – SND 0931

Road Safety Survey 2010 – SND 0932

Road Safety Survey 2011 – SND 0933

Road Safety Survey 2012 – SND 0934