The Data Inspection Board maintains decision regarding SND

News: 2012-08-22

In a statement to the administrative court, the Data Inspection Board (DI) maintains its position that SND’s activities violates the Personal Data Act. DI therefore considers that the administrative court should dismiss the appeal from the University of Gothenburg. The University and SND now have until 10 September to respond to the statement from DI.

The decision from the Data Inspection Board is based on an inspection of SND's activities in August 2011, where DI found that there is sensitive personal data in the material deposited at SND and that SND does not inform or get the consent from the individuals whose data are contained in the material.

The University of Gothenburg appealed the decision from the Data Inspection Board, where SND is submitted to cease collecting and managing research material containing personal data. The University states that the decision is based on an overly general assessment that does not specify exactly what personal data processing operations conflicts with the Personal Data Act. GU also claims that the decision from the Data Inspection Board does not distinguish between SND's overall mission and the actual personal data processing operations.