Date of the Month: The Media Election Surveys are

News: 2014-07-01

The Media Election Surveys available in SND’s collections include news media election coverage during nine general elections and three referendums.

The Media Election Surveys have been conducted since 1979 at the University of Gothenburg by Professor Kent Asp, now at the Department of Journalism, Media and Communication.

The research team normally delivers data from the previous elections in conjugation with new parliamentary elections. Data available today therefore include news media's election coverage during the parliamentary elections in 1979 and 2006. After the Swedish election in September SND will receive data from the election of 2010.

The election surveys have been used to explore the election coverage in media, its relevance for the election result. The surveys cover the news on radio, television and the press; however, in the latest polls are solely the metropolitan press, among the studied.

In addition, data from referendum on nuclear power in 1980, on the EU referendum in 1994 and the referendum on the euro in 2003 are available in SND’s collections. The Referendum Survey also includes extensive analysis of television's total supply of electoral programs and newspaper leaders and other opinion-materials.

All nine parliamentary inquiries and the three referendum surveys have been based on the same theoretical foundations and the same examination techniques.


Photo: Mattias Jacobsson, GU