EOSC highlights SND's DAU work as a Best Practice

Published: 2023-01-03

SND and the Swedish HEIs’ effort to create local research data support units (aka DAU) is one of the Swedish initiatives that have been highlighted as a “best practice” by the EOSC SB (European Open Science Cloud Steering Board) and will be published in the EU project EOSC Future.

Logotyp EOSC Future“We’re delighted to be mentioned as a good example in terms of sharing and managing research data in Europe. It means that we get recognition and validation for what we’ve created together. The DAU network is one of a kind; we’re the only organization in the world to have created such an extensive national network”, says Elisabeth Strandhagen, deputy director of SND.

More Swedish examples to come

Apart from the work with local research support in the SND network, there are suggestions for three more Swedish examples of initiatives to increase access to open research data. However, they have yet to confirm their participation in the collection.

“It's wonderful if our Swedish best practice examples can be models for this work. We’re also very grateful for the good examples from other countries that EOSC SB point out in their collection; there’s a lot we can learn from one another”, says Elisabeth Strandhagen.

Central fields in open science

The first catalogue that is under production is the result of a questionnaire that was sent to the member countries of the European Union, where their representatives in the EOSC SB have contributed with good examples in open science. The indicators that are listed in the catalogue, and that are essential to achieving open science, are:

  • Open access to publications
  • Open and FAIR research data
  • Open-source software
  • Services to find and reuse research data
  • Research infrastructure such as data repositories and various forms of data stewardship
  • Education and training for researchers who practice open science
  • Incentives for researchers to practice open science
  • Engagement with a citizen science dimension

The work in EOSC Future will now continue with collecting more material. The plan is that in June, the catalogue will to be updated with more examples of best practices in open science.