Final Report for the BAS16 Pilot Project

News: 2017-07-04

SND has now finished the final report for the BAS16 pilot project which ran throughout most of 2016. Meanwhile, BAS work continues at SND (further information in Swedish here).

The report describes why and how the project was carried out and gives an overview of results and experiences. Some of the results include a set of teaching material that addresses various perspectives on research data management, but also an increase in competence both at SND and amongst the participating universities. We have also found that the project initiated a variety of activities at the universities which continue even after the project has ended, and that it has instigated new collaborations both within and between universities. Among the experiences are a deepened understanding of the pedagogical process, an increased insight into the complexity of research data and research data management, and the importance, and lack, of practical examples when we speak of these matters. Finally, we find that there is not yet a clear image of what the future research data management will look like in Sweden.

The report (only in Swedish) can be read and downloaded here.