An Inspired Solution to Raise Awareness about Data Management in the Netherlands

Published: 2020-09-30

RDA logoOn 30 September, the Swedish RDA node arranged a webinar about an exciting initiative from the Dutch RDA community. Cees Hof (Data Archiving and Networked Services, DANS) and Mijke Jetten (Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences, DTL) presented ”23 Things Revisited: Field Guides for Research Data Management”, a project to raise awareness about and provide training resources for research data management in the Netherlands.

The ”23 Things” concept was originally developed by the ”RDA Libraries for Research Data” interest group. At that point, the intention was to share knowledge about practical and free digital resources for librarians who wanted to incorporate research data management in their work. “23 Things” has since become more established, and the Dutch RDA community have made their own version of it.

The Dutch project originated from the “23 Things” concept, and has developed it to raise awareness about research data management on a national level. Using digital training resources and an interactive online tool, they hope to achieve a common understanding about data management within various groups of data users. The resources that have been created are intended for different audiences: researchers and PhD candidates, Bachelor and Master students, librarians, data stewards, IT support staff and IT specialists, software engineers, and policy makers.

Cees Hof and Mijke Jetten explain that the 23 things online tool is still in a developing stage, but that there is now an accessible beta version. With the use of this tool, you can search among training resources by filtering them by audience, theme, type of resource, and phase of the data life cycle.

Read more about the ”23 Things Revisited: Field Guides for Research Data Management” project, and test the online tool:

On our page for the event, you can see the presentation slides as well as a video recording of the webinar.