The national SIMSAM workshop

News: 2012-04-30

Recently SIMSAM held its annual workshop in Stockholm, with presentations of research conducted within the research institutions included in the network. The topics discussed included studies of social stratification together with school achievement and educational choice among ethnic minority students; the correlation between health and sex composition of workplaces, and quality of life among long-term survivors of cancer surgery.

SIMSAM is short for "Swedish Initiative for research on micro data in the social and medical sciences." The aim of the initiative is to create a world leading research community for register-based research that will contribute to improved public health and increased knowledge of social issues. One of the network's priorities is to facilitate the use of Swedish registry data for research, including method development and interdisciplinary collaboration.

The next event on SIMSAM's agenda is the panel discussion held at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm May 10. The discussion theme is "The Future of Epidemiology and Biostatistics."