New archaeological GIS-data will be available during 2014

News: 2014-01-16

Prior to the construction of the high-speed railway Ostlänken a huge amount of archaeological data is gathered. Digital material from excavations and surveys conducted from 1965 and onwards will be deposited to SND, starting in spring 2014, and made openly available throughout the year.

The material that will be made available at SND is now collected prior to the construction of Sweden's first high-speed railway Ostlänken that will connect the south of Stockholm (Järna) with Linköping and thus reducing the journey time between major metropolitan regions.

The project is carried out at the department of Archaeology, Uppsala University, with Daniel Löwenborg from the ARKDIS project as coordinator.

The data will be harmonized and in some cases digitized. When transferred to SND the data will be available for secondary research but also for other purposes. SND has previously been working with larger amounts of archaeological data and by that created the conditions for long-term storage, update and reuse of data.

– The amount of archaeological GIS data at SND will with the additional material increase significantly, says Data Manager Ulf Jakobsson at SND.

GIS stands for Geographic Information System and relates to digital information systems designed for management, analysis and presentation of geographical data.

Archaeological GIS-data published at SND:

For further reading about the Ostlänken archaeological investigations in GIS:

Data Manager Ulf Jakobsson and Karolina Kegel can be contacted regarding the archaeological material at SND.

By: Monica Bengtson