A New FAIR Champion Sees a Need for Practical Action

Published: 2020-05-15

In recent years the FAIR data principles for research data have become increasingly established and there have been a large number of projects for making data “more FAIR”. One of these projects is FAIRsFAIR (Fostering Fair Data Practices in Europe). The organisation recently selected Maria Johnsson from Lund University, and a member of the SND DAU Council, as a FAIR Champion.

Maria Johnsson, recently selected to be a FAIR Champion.
      Maria Johnsson from Lund University was recently selected a FAIR Champion by FAIRsFAIR.

—I’m delighted to have been selected a FAIR Champion and am really looking forward to working with FAIRsFAIR. This feels like an innovative project with a focus on practical solutions for making research data more FAIR, says Maria Johnsson.

Central guidelines for good data management

The FAIR data principles describe some of the most central guidelines for good data management and open access to research data. FAIR means that research data should be Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable. There is a total of 15 FAIR data principles which can be applied on research from all scientific disciplines. They are mainly focused on machine readability, but there are also principles for human understanding of research data, in order to make the data reusable.

A FAIR Champion in FAIRsFAIR is a scientific expert with broad experience from practical work with implementing the FAIR data principles. They may have worked with adapting data management, standard practices, and processes to FAIR, or been involved in developing various kinds of education and information initiatives.

Hoping to have a wide reach in Europe

—The FAIRsFAIR work involves people from many organisations and constellations, which improves the possibility to reach out widely across Europe. As a member of their European Group of FAIR Champions advisory board, I hope to contribute with knowledge and experience from previous projects related to research data and FAIR, says Maria Johnsson. 

FAIRsFAIR select new Champions twice a year. There is an open call for submissions with a deadline 31 August.