New Nordic cooperation in medicine and health

News: 2012-12-11

A new Nordic cooperation was born at H. C. Andersen Hotel in Odense. Standing from the left: Bodil Stenvig (DDA), Martin Brandhagen (SND), Henrik Sejersen (DDA), Vigdis Kvalheim (NSD), Mari Kleemola (FSD), Gry Henriksen (NSD). Seated from the left: Heidi Wittendorff Jensen (DDA), Arja Kuula (FSD), Elisabeth Strandhagen (SND).

SND and three research infrastructures in Denmark, Finland and Norway have decided to enhance cooperation on data in medicine and health.

At a meeting in Odense recently a collaboration was launched between SND, Danish Data Archive (DDA), Norwegian Social Science Data Services (NSD) and the Finnish Social Science Data Archive (FSD). SND and DDA Department Sundhed have during the past two years collaborated in the medical field, and now the focus has expanded to also include Norway and Finland. One of the first tasks on the agenda will be to prepare and create common key words and categories for describing research data.

– This feels like a very exciting collaboration. For long, there has been a need to review the terminology of medicine. I think it is important for the group to work on this so we can describe the metadata properly, says Elisabeth Strandhagen, SND research coordinator for medicine and health.

The Nordic cooperation will initially also include joint participation at NordicEpi 2013, a connection with the NordForsk project NORIA-net on Registries and various activities related to data management.