New service to submit data

News: 2012-03-14

SND is introducing a new service that simplifies the process to electronically submit data. Through the deposit form on the website, researchers can control the description of the data, using both free text alternatives and pre-determined categories. The procedure also makes it possible to upload data files.
SND's director Hans Jørgen Marker and assistant director Iris Alfredsson are very pleased with the new service:
– This will be of significant importance for the accessibility of research material. The information about the data goes directly into our system, is controlled by us and then immediately becomes searchable in our catalogue.
The deposit form on the website is part of a wider project to make SND's activities better known and utilized by researchers. Another part of the project is the "road show" that SND’s research coordinators started last fall. On the "road show", the coordinators visit universities and colleges to inform about SND's activities and provide advice and support concerning research documentation and data publication.
But what is next on the agenda regarding support and service to the scientific community?
– One of the major assignments this year is to create a form for so-called data management plans. A data management plan is an important tool to help researchers to ensure the preservation and future availability of their data. We will also develop a new structure and a new content for our research support on the web, says Iris Alfredsson.

To the deposit form and additional information about submission and availability