New SND Steering Committee 2023–2026

Published: 2022-12-28

As of 1 January 2023, SND has a new steering committee. Committee chair is Björn Halleröd, Professor of Sociology, who has for many years been a driving force in questions regarding research infrastructure and open data, for example as Secretary General for research infrastructures at the Swedish Research Council.

The SND steering committee for the 2023–2026 funding period is appointed by the vice-chancellor at the University of Gothenburg, as host university for SND, and it has seven members apart from the chair. The Swedish Research Council requests that the steering committee has a good national connection, gender representation, and scientific competence from SND’s scope of operations. Another priority competence is previous experience from governing a research infrastructure.

Knowledgeable and experienced people

“We’re very happy with the new steering committee and look forward to constructive work together, they are highly knowledgeable and experienced people. To our satisfaction, no one has said no; the people we asked all said yes to this role”, says Elisabeth Strandhagen, deputy director of SND.

One difference to SND’s previous steering committees is that it no longer has representatives from all of the consortium universities. The new steering committee doesn’t represent the SND consortium but has a national responsibility. Some of their areas of responsibility are to decide on strategic matters, such as the budget and organization, and to decide on regulatory documents for SND.

Thank you to the outgoing steering committee

Max Petzold, director of SND, is grateful for all the work that the outgoing steering committee has achieved over their terms on the committee, and looks forward to cooperating with the new steering committee:

“We at SND want to say thank you to the former steering committee for their active and informed work in driving SND forward. A big Thank you! Now we look forward to taking it from here with a specialized steering committee, while we also want to maintain a sense of community in the consortium. I hope the previous steering committee members can still play an important part in that respect”, he says.

Members of the SND steering committee from 1 January 2023:

Björn Halleröd, Professor of Sociology, University of Gothenburg (chair)

Marianne Gullberg, Professor of Psycholinguistics, Lund University

Sverker Holmgren, Professor of Scientific Computing, Director of Chalmers e-Infrastructure Commons, Chalmers University of Technology

Vigdis Kvalheim, Head of the department for research and knowledge resources, Sikt, Norway

Monica Lassi, Transformation Leader, IKEA

Cecilia Martinsson Björkdahl, Head of the Compliance & Data Office, Karolinska Institutet

Johan Rung, Head of Data Centre at SciLifeLab, Uppsala University

Anders Wåhlin, Associate Professor of Medical Technology, Umeå University.