New SOM data published concerning Swedes abroad

News: 2016-05-31

About half a million Swedish citizens live abroad. The “SOM survey to Swedes living abroad” focuses on these emigrants attitudes to various social issues both in Sweden and their country of residence.

The purpose of the study, which was conducted in autumn 2014, was to gain greater knowledge of Swedish citizens aged 18 to 75 who live abroad. A number of areas are covered in the survey, such as election and voting behaviour, social and political trust, images of Sweden, media habits, and attitudes towards immigration and corruption.

One of the notable results from the survey is that Swedes living abroad generally have a very positive attitude to Sweden. Nature, the food culture, employee morale and the welfare system are examples of positive things mentioned by the respondents. Swedes living abroad also have a higher level of confidence in Swedish institutions, such as the parliament and the government, than the general population in Sweden.

In addition to the SOM survey to Swedes living abroad, SND has now published four other SOM surveys: National SOM 2014, Western SOM 2014, Värmland SOM 2014 and Class SOM 2008. More information on these and other SOM studies can be found in SND's catalogue.