Proposal for Open Access Guideline Submitted

News: 2015-01-29

The Swedish Research Council’s proposal for national guidelines for Open Access has now been submitted to the government. Making publications and data openly accessible is not only a matter of research quality but also one of democracy.
– It should be obvious that publically funded research data are made openly available, says SND’s director Hans Jørgen Marker.

He is very pleased that the Swedish Research Council has now submitted the proposal.

The draft of national guidelines for open access to scientific information was handed over to the government on the 15th of January. This means that Sweden is now taking a significant step ahead towards more open and accessible forms of publishing scientific data. He is delighted that Sweden moves in the same direction as many other stake holders on in the global arena.

– It is important that the guidelines for open access are established in the Swedish scientific context, in order for Sweden to get in line with what is happening internationally, he explains.

The Swedish National Data Service as an organization is looking forward to contributing to realizing of the vision outlined in the Research Council's proposals.

Today, there are 470 studies in SND’s catalogue where the researcher who submitted them has chosen to make them freely available (link to freely available research data).

The guidelines are based on the European Commission's recommendations, covering research findings and data from publicly funded research.

The infrastructures CAR, ECDS and SND have been invited to submit comments. The goal for Sweden is that all research data, wholly or partly funded by public means, shall be made available as soon as possible. During 2015-2020, pilot studies will be announced in selected areas, implementing the requirements of open access.