SIMSAM results presented in a new information booklet

News: 2013-05-03

The research network SIMSAM (Swedish Initiative for research on Microdata in the Social And Medical sciences) summarizes its first five-year period of operation with an information booklet on the importance and benefits of register-based research. The booklet has been produced under the management of SIMSAM-INFRA. The material includes examples of SIMSAM's ongoing work in order to improve health and living conditions for the popula­tion by using existing registers. The booklet is addressed to both policy makers and the general public, and it is also intended to encourage increased scientific cooperation.

The aim of the SIMSAM initiative is to create a research community for register-based research that will contribute to improved public health and increased knowledge of social issues. One of the network's priorities is to facilitate the use of Swedish registry data for research, including method development and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Currently, six research nodes and a graduate school are included in the SIMSAM network, which is financed by the Swedish Research Council. The first funding period spans from December 2008 to November 2013. Deadline for applications to the Swedish Research Council for SIMSAM's next operational period was 17th April. The six current research nodes plus eight other research groups applied for funding during the second period (2014-2018).

The booklet in English (pdf)
The booklet in Swedish (pdf)