SND and the Swedish School of Library and Information Science hold a course in data management

Published: 2018-11-06

After a gratifying first run it is time for the second edition of the course “Research data: accessibility, management, collaboration”. The course is a collaboration between SND and the Swedish School of Library and Information Science at the University of Borås, and aims to educate university staff in topics concerning research data and data management in order to meet with current and upcoming demands. A large part of the education takes place online, but there will be physical meetings at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm.

Stefan Ekman at SND has been involved in developing the course and is also one of the course teachers. He explains that the course is meant to promote active learning instead of traditional classroom lectures.

- The idea is for the exercises to resemble common tasks that the DAUs will eventually come across at their universities. Not least does this involve training in how to support researchers in making research data accessible. The actual course work is carried out by the participants, and the teachers have a facilitating role. This approach received a great deal of positive feedback from the participants last time we ran the course.

A second aim of the course is to enhance cooperation between the universities, and Stefan Ekman points out that in-person meetings are a good way of bringing participants closer to one another.

- The course involves a lot of group exercises, both in the classroom and online. During the physical meetings we also have lunch and dinner together. That way, it is possible to build a more personal relationship to people you may be working with in the future. It makes us come closer together and was appreciated by participants and teachers alike.

The Research Data Course is held between January 15 and May 20 in 2019. Registration is open until November 23, 2018. More information and registration here.