SND develops training for data stewards

Published: 2023-05-16

Utbildning data stew

The demand for data management competence has increased in recent years and the role of data steward is on the rise. SND’s first foray into developing training and competence development in data stewardship is the course "An Introduction to Data Stewardship".

The training is primarily aimed at people who already have some data handling responsibilities as part of their work. The training targets those employed both in Sweden and within the EU, and will be conducted in English and digitally if necessary.

The training is divided into four half-day components,  where each part of the course focuses on a specific theme:

  1. Structuring Data Management  
  2. Data Sharing  
  3. IT Solutions  
  4. Legal Frameworks 

– Within many organizations, data steward is a relatively new concept and it is not always entirely clear what expectations are placed on the person who works with these issues. The purpose of SND's training initiative is to provide an overall introduction to the role of data steward that reflects the expectations that representatives from industry and government have of the role, says David Rayner, training coordinator at the SND.

The training package is currently under development and is expected to be delivered on request in the latter part of 2023. If you would like to know more about the training or want to stay up to date on developments, please contact SND's training coordinator David Rayner (