SND engaged in a new epidemiological metadatabase

News: 2012-12-11

This autumn, work began to establish a metadatabase of epidemiological studies in Region Skåne. The project is funded by, among others, the Swedish Research Council and carried out by the R&D center of Skåne, in cooperation with SND.

– The compilation of a large number of databases will enable studies of rare diseases and conditions. This is an important step forward for Scanian epidemiological research, says Christel Nielsen, epidemiologist at the R & D center Skåne, on the Centre's website.

The epidemiological metadatabase should contain basic information about the various studies included, such as material size, population, study design, and contact information to the principal investigator. The inventoried studies are linked to Lund University and Region Skåne. There will not be any personal data or other individual information in the database.

The aim of the metadatabase is to highlight existing research data and make them accessible, so they can be reused by other researchers, which can save both time and money. One goal of the project is to establish a routine for researchers to search through the metadatabase in the planning stages for new studies. The metadatabase will be completed by summer 2013, and information on accessible research data will continuously be reported to SND and published on EpiHealths website.