SND focus on gender research

News: 2012-11-27

In connection with the national gender conference g12 in Gothenburg, SND starts an initiative to reach out to the gender researchers in Sweden.

Among other things, the initiative includes a poster presentation at the g12 conference. SND has also appointed a contact person, Anna Clara Stenvall, who is responsible for guiding the gender researchers to the SND services. Anna Clara Stenvall is looking forward to participate in the conference:

– It will be exciting to take part of all the research going on in the gender field, and also to have the opportunity to talk about the support that SND can contribute with when it comes to managing research data, she says.

Gender research is an excellent area for SND to focus more on to strengthen the efforts to make research data available and to support researchers in connection with, for example, applications for funding. Gender research is strong in SND disciplines, especially in the humanities and social sciences. But also in medicine, gender research has made great progress. To show some of the research data that are already available for gender researchers and others in the medical field, SND later this winter plans to launch a theme page called Gender and Health.

Photo: Ola Kjelbye