SND has hopes for a solution regarding personal data management

Published: 2013-11-25

The University of Gothenburg’s appeal of the Swedish Data Inspection Board’s ban to collect and manage personal data was recently denied. SND has chosen not to appeal the Swedish Administrative Court’s decision, and instead turns to the Data Inspection Board for a consultation request.

SND has made this decision based on a hope of there being a possibility to find a solution to this issue and that this solution can benefit the greater research community.

In April 2012 the Data Inspection Board issued an injunction, which means that SND cannot manage personal data in research materials originating from other universities.

The main issue is regarding the relationship between the personal data controller and the criteria for hiring an assistant during the given circumstances.  

In today’s society it is very common that a personal data controller hires an assistant. This happens in university research settings as well as for administrative reasons in the banking sector, insurance companies and also at university payroll departments, for example.

What SND is seeking to accomplish by requesting a consultation request is to investigate how the criteria stated in the Personal Data Act should be interpreted concretely when it comes to the specific work of SND.