SND launches a Collaboration Portal

News: 2017-12-19

In the next years, SND's organisation and activities will develop and the collaboration with the Swedish universities will become more comprehensive. To inform regularly about the work in progress and make it more visible, SND has created the Collaboration Portal. One of the processes that will be possible to follow through the portal is the development of Data Access Units (so-called DAUs) at each university in the SND DAU network.

The change in SND's operations is made possible by the Swedish Research Council (VR) allocating funds for another five-year period (2018-2022).
The evaluation from the Review Panel regarding SND's application reveals that VR regards the investment as very important for the future availability of Swedish research data. The infrastructure gets the overall rating Excellent (six points out of seven possible) with the following comment:

“The SND 2.0 infrastructure as proposed is an enlarged and remodelled version of the existing SND. Its 2-level structure (core services at national level, and DAU's at local university level) seems well-suited to combine central coordination and oversight with local flexibility and expertise.
Its organization and leadership builds on proven expertise of all partners, at all levels involved.
Its national and international connectedness guarantees forefront expertise and development.
It is an important and timely proposal.
The infrastructure is of national interest and meets all the 2017 criteria for this mentioned by VR.”