SND receives 70 million from VR

Published: 2017-12-14

The Swedish Research Council (VR) gives SND a total of SEK 70 million over the next five years. This is the result of the agreement between the research council and the SND consortium.

– We are very pleased with the support from the Swedish Research Council. Through the grant, we get the opportunity to build a new type of distributed infrastructure for research data that has no equivalent in the world, says SND's director Max Petzold.
With funding from VR and the seven consortium universities, the investment comprises a total of SEK 150 million. The purpose is to provide a coordinated and secure system for describing, depositing, sharing, and finding data, nationally as well as internationally, to the Swedish research community.
In the new model for SND's work, the network of currently 27 universities is crucial.
– The work within the network is characterized by great interest and commitment to these issues. There is also a lot of knowledge, both within the current SND and at the universities. All this provides excellent conditions for us to be successful in increasing access to well documented and well-preserved research data, says Max Petzold.