SND Strengthens the Consortium Collaboration with a DAU Council

Published: 2019-08-14


CollaborationSND has appointed a group of consortium members that will function as a DAU Council. The purpose of this council is to strengthen the collaboration and communication between SND’s steering committee, the consortium, and the national network.

Since 2018, SND has supporting the establishment of research data functions, or Data Access Units (DAU), with members in the SND Network. Today, 30 Swedish universities and research organisations are in various stages of establishing a DAU or having a DAU up and running. As the SND network grows and the operations become more complex, there has arisen a need for a comprehensive advisory function. Subsequently, the SND Consortium has decided to create a DAU Council.

The new DAU Council has a representative from each of the seven universities in the SND Consortium: University of Gothenburg, Karolinska Institutet, Lund University, Stockholm University, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Umeå University, and Uppsala University. Elisabeth Strandhagen, Deputy Director of SND and Collaboration Manager for the SND Network, is convenor and will lead the group’s work. The purpose of this council is to strengthen the collaboration within the consortium and to be a link between SND’s steering committee and the national work in general. The council will also represent the SND Consortium in various DAU related gatherings. The DAU Council will convene for a start-up session on 2 October, in connection to SND’s next network meeting.

Members in SND’s DAU Council:

Elisabeth Strandhagen, SND Main Office (convenor)

Christer Lagvik, SND-UU

Erik Stattin, SND-KI

Hanna Lindroos, SND-SLU

Magnus Norberg, SND-GU

Maria Johnsson, SND-LU

Sabina Anderberg, SND-SU

Thomas Kieselbach, SND-UmU