SND's annual report for 2022 – a year marked by the return to normal life

Published: 2023-04-19

SND Annual reportIn many ways, 2022 represented a return to normal life after a long period of pandemic restrictions. In the annual report for 2022, you can read about SND’s internal and national development work, as well as the international collaborations and projects that have characterized the past year.

In 2022, the SND network has once again been able to collaborate through physical meetings. During the year, several long-awaited events were held, including the international IASSIST conference, which had been planned since 2020. The first physical network meetings since 2019 were also arranged, including one at Karolinska Institutet on the theme of Outreach – reaching out to researchers. But the pandemic has also brought about new innovative ways of collaborating, where the network organized several well-attended hybrid and digital events.

SND's operations have also continued to evolve, widen, and deepen during the year. Among other things, the project has been initiated. The purpose of the project is to develop a unique national portal for research data. So far, the work has, among other things, resulted in a demo version of the new website, where several Swedish universities and research infrastructures have shown interest in participating.

In 2022, SND's operations were broadened through the appointment of two training coordinators and a strengthening of our legal expertise. Collaboration within the SND network has also been deepened through the formation of seven new working groups and the launch of flagship projects and targeted efforts aimed at developing new services and resources.

During the year, a new steering committee for SND was appointed for the 2023–2026 period. The steering committee consists of seven members and is chaired by Björn Halleröd, professor of sociology at the University of Gothenburg. A difference compared to before is that there are no longer members from all consortium universities in the steering committee. The new steering committee does not represent the consortium but has an overall national responsibility.

The annual report also describes the international work through SND’s memberships in, for instance, EOSC Association, CESSDA, RDA and the newly started Skills4EOSC project, as well as the completed projects ARIADNEplus and EOSC Nordic.