SSHOC Gathers International Resources for Researchers in the Social Sciences and Humanities

Published: 2019-03-06


The SSHOC (Social Sciences and Humanities Open Cloud) project has started and the new website been launched. Over time, the website will become a place where researchers in the social sciences and humanities will be able to find a collection of international resources and tools for finding and working with data.

SSHOC is one of five EU funded cluster projects that will run from 2019 through to 2022. The project is a collaboration between 47 European organisations, coordinated by CESSDA (Consortium of European Social Sciences Data Archive). SND will take an active part in SSHOC, whose results will be integrated in the larger platform EOSC (European Open Science Cloud), where European resources will be pooled and made accessible in order to support the research community. 

The objective of SSHOC is to create a common European platform for the social sciences and humanities, where data, tools, and training resources are gathered in one place. With FAIR as a guiding principle, SSHOC will make it easier for researchers to share, find, and re-use high quality data, and to find useful tools for analysing these data. The project will be using an “App Store” function, with a focus on providing a broader context for the contents. This can be done by linking content that relate to one another, for instance by connecting a dataset with relevant training materials and services. SSHOC will also create a community where users can communicate and share experiences.

The SSHOC work will kick off properly in Utrecht on March 11–12. Make sure you subscribe to the SSHOC newsletter, so you don’t miss any important news.