From Sydney to Gothenburg – SND Picks up the Baton for IASSIST 2020

Published: 2019-07-08


Ever since 1977 IASSIST (International Association for Social Science Information Services and Technology) has arranged an annual international conference together with one of the organisation’s member countries. The conference focuses on the latest developments in information technology and data related services, and attracts attendees from all over the world. Last winter, SND applied for hosting the conference, and it was decided that the 2020 IASSIST Conference will be arranged in Gothenburg. Gothenburg takes the baton from Sydney, where the conference was held this May.

Iris Alfredsson, Senior Advisor in SND, attended the conference in Sydney and took the chance to promote SND and Gothenburg. The conference banner, which is traditionally hung in every conference and has been signed by every host since 1991, was also passed on to Gothenburg. Iris Alfredsson is a seasoned IASSIST attendee and looks forward to finally welcome attendees to Sweden and Gothenburg in 2020.

—I have attended a total of 15 conferences, the first one being the 1987 conference in Vancouver, and they have always been fruitful. There is constant development and activity, and these meetings buzz with discussions; in the conference itself as well as during breaks and in the evenings. I also think it’s great fun to meet all of the attendees. When you’ve been around for a while it becomes somewhat of a family reunion!

The IASSIST banner
On the back of the banner every conference host has left their mark. The oldest signature dates back to 1991.

IASSIST is a membership-based organisation that is open to everyone who is interested in social science data. The conference is open to non-members, but Iris still likes to encourage people to become members.

—There is a lot to be gained from being a member of the organisation. You can choose to get involved in various groups, there are a lot of discussions, and a good forum for staying updated in these matters. If you are interested and want to attend the conference, I would recommend that you become a member, as that will give you a lower conference fee.

Conference committees and a new official web site

For each conference, a program committee is elected, who decide on the theme and structure of the conference. In 2020 the committee consists of Stephanie Tulley from the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Stephanie Labou from University of California, and Louise Corti from UK Data Service. SND have also appointed a local committee, made up by Iris Alfredsson, Olof Olsson, and Matilda Lindmark.

IASSIST – local committee
The local committee members Iris Alfredsson, Olof Olsson, and Matilda Lindmark hold up the IASSIST banner which was handed over to Gothenburg from Sydney, where the last conference was held.

IASSIST 2020 will be held on 20–22 May, 2020. In connection to the event there will also be a number of workshops held on 19 May. You can read more about the program on the recently launched conference web site. That is also where you will find practical information on conference registration, presentations, accommodation and social events. Keep up to date with important updates by signing up for the conference news on the IASSIST 2020 web site.