World’s foremost research about aging in SND:s collections

News: 2014-02-06

In a population that steadily grows older it is important to study how aging is changing. Interwievs
covering information on social factors to neurochemical analyzes, provides the facts needed when
society shall support active aging. The world’s foremost research done in this field originates
from Gothenburg. The famous studies H70 study is avilable in SND's datasets.

In the population study H70 over a thousand 70-year-old persons in Gothenburg was interviewed in 1971. Then they were followed for thirty years. Subsequently, additional birth cohorts of 70- and 75-year-olds have been studied. The studies include desciptions of mental and physical health, congnitive function, functional ability and many other types of data. The H70 study is coordinated by several research groups, especially within psychiatry, geriatric medicine, family medicine and epidemiology.

He also, along with his colleagues, conducts studies on both 85-year-olds (H85) and people who are 95 years or older (95 +), as well as on women in PPSW - Prospective Population Study of Women in Göteborg.

The researchers are also continuing to make new surveys of 70-year-olds, making it possible to compare different generations of aging. During 2014 persons in Gothenburg born in 1944 will be studied.

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Photo: Åsa Nyberg