New ISSP-survey focusing on health

News: 2013-05-30

SND now presents the most recently published study in the International Social Survey Program (ISSP); "Health". This is the first time an ISSP-survey is focusing on health matters. Between 40 and 50 countries are participating in the ISSP, which started in the mid-1980s. The study on health includes data from forty countries gathered in 2011. The Swedish data material is available via SND’s service Open Data.

Individuals aged 18-80 years, living in Sweden, have answered the Swedish part of the study. The questionnaire includes subjects like the degree of confidence in the Swedish health care system; how health care should be organized and financed; whether health care is efficient and fair; whether everyone should have access to health care to the same extent, regardless of life situation and life habits; and whether physicians can be trusted and do a good job. The material also contains a number of background variables including respondents' age, gender, education, occupation, party affiliation, health condition, and alcohol and tobacco use.