SND has grown out of the villa and moves to Bohusgatan

Published: 2013-10-31
After five years of rapid growth, SND moves from the Gegerfelt villa to Bohusgatan 15 at Heden. The relocation takes place on November 5, and the activities restart at the new address on the day after.

Besides the new location in Gothenburg, the daily service for SND's users is not affected by the relocation. The SND phones will be turned off for one day on November 5, but all staff can be reached by e-mail.

The Gegerfelt villa has been the home of SND since the organization was established in January 2008. SND’s predecessor SSD (Swedish Social Science Data Service) had its location in the Faculty of Social Sciences facilities in Haga. At the start in 2008, SND had six employees. In November 2013, the number of employees is 31.

- Most of the expansion has taken place over the past two years. For example, we have built our three scientific teams and we have been very active in several large EU projects, says Iris Alfredsson, assistant director.

The outreach and the external activities have strengthened considerably since 2008, and SND has also been a driving force in international cooperation to develop metadata standards, common search systems and multilingual thesauri.

- The new facility provides us with more opportunities to receive visiting scientists. There is also more space for our users to browse our collections and get personal assistance on site from all our experts, says Iris Alfredsson.