Open access to research data – research support, managing personal data, and data disclosure

Webinar , Virtual webinar
16 December 2021, at 13:00–15:00

Person behind question markOn 16 December, SND and the domain specialists at Umeå University host a webinar about open access to research data and how researchers can be supported in their work with managing and disclosing data that contain personal information. This afternoon webinar will contain presentations from the Ethics Review Appeals Board, Swedish National Data Service, Umeå University, and the Umeå University Library. There will also be time for questions and discussions.



Max Petzold, director of the Swedish National Data Service consortium
SND 2023–2026 and managing personal data


Thomas Kieselbach, research coordinator, Umeå University Library
What can a Data Access Unit do for future research


Discussion and questions


10 minutes


Jörgen Svidén, administrative director at the Ethics Review Appeals Board
Some reflections on ethics reviews and informed consent


Chatarina Larson, legal officer, Umeå University
What control do I, as a researcher, have over my data – who can I share them with, who can demand to gain access to them? And what protection do the research subjects have? A brief presentation of two cases


Discussion and concluding remarks


This webinar is organised and hosted by the Umeå University specialists for register-based research.

If you have any questions, please contact Anders Brändström or Karina Nilsson,

When? 16 December, 13:00–15:00

Where? This is a virtual webinar held on Zoom. Link to the webinar.

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