Using data from SND

Please observe:

  1. All reports/articles/papers/dissertations etc., regardless of the way in which they are published, should cite the data file, including the DOI, and contain references to the principal investigator and the data archive supplying the material.
  2. Never hand data and/or documentation over to a third party. These should always be ordered from SND.
  3. If you have given a purpose for which the data will be used, only use the data in accordance with that purpose.
  4. All publications that are in any way based on data received from SND should be reported back to SND:
  5. Always adhere to current research ethics. SND refers to “Good research practice” by the Swedish Research Council.
  6. Neither SND nor the principal investigator take any responsibility for how the data are used, nor for any interpretations of or conclusions based on it.